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BioElecMed-logoOver twenty years ago, The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research launched the international, peer-reviewed journal, Molecular Medicine. The journal was designed as a forum through which clinicians and researchers could communicate discoveries to a multidisciplinary audience in the emerging field of molecular medicine. Leaders in the field set out to bridge the gap between molecular biology and clinical practice by developing and integrating a suite of concepts, tools and a common language. This initiative has changed our understanding of science, and improved the way medicine is practiced.

Once again we find ourselves at the vanguard of a new field, bioelectronic medicine. Our leaders are working to bring together not only clinicians and researchers from diverse backgrounds, but also an expanded community and multidisciplinary audience of specialists from fields such as disease biology, bioinformatics, bioengineering, materials science, nanotechnology, neurophysiology and neuroanatomy. We again face the challenge of integrating concepts, tools, and a common language and understanding among these fields.

With this in mind, The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, through its publishing arm, the Feinstein Institute Press, has launched a new journal, Bioelectronic Medicine. This international, open access, peer-reviewed journal will be wholly dedicated to disseminating works in this multidisciplinary field. To view the outline describing instructions for submission, visit the journal’s For Authors page.

Editorial Staff

The Editorial Board of Bioelectronic Medicine includes many of the eminent researchers and practitioners in contemporary medicine.

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