Disclosure of New Technology

This Invention Disclosure Form is the first step in the process of documenting your invention or discovery. Disclosure of an invention to the Office of Intellectual Assets should take place when something both new and potentially commercially useful has been conceived or developed.

It is important that you submit your technologies promptly for evaluation, no later than a month prior to publication or a public presentation. U.S. patent laws allow one to apply for a patent no later than one year after a public disclosure. Public disclosure includes electronic or printed publication, poster session, a widely available abstract, oral presentation or other non-confidential disclosure. Grant applications, once awarded, are put into the public domain and may also constitute a public disclosure. Electronic transmission of abstracts, articles or research reports is also a form of publication or public disclosure. Scientists should be aware that many journals and scientific societies often place material on the World Wide Web prior to written publication, creating an increased potential for loss of patent rights. The moment a public disclosure or publication is made, rights to foreign patents are lost unless a U.S. filing has been made within the preceding twelve months. Foreign protection is important to many international licensees, so inventors are urged to use discretion, take advantage of Confidential Disclosure Agreements available from this office, and file invention disclosures with the Office of Intellectual Assets well in advance of presentations or publications.

Additional information or data may be required at a later date but the completion of the Invention Disclosure Form and the signature of the main contributors will serve to begin the evaluation process. We understand that not all the information requested may be immediately or readily available. Please complete what portions you can, sign and return to the Office of Intellectual Assets, 125 Community Drive, Manhasset, NY, Attn: Lisa Giordano.

For step-by-step instructions on filling out the Invention Disclosure Form, please click here.