Responsible Conduct of Research and Integrity

We are committed to fostering a research environment that promotes the responsible conduct of research, which is defined as “the practice of scientific investigation with integrity.” This includes training and education to encourage responsible and ethical behavior in the conduct of research-related activities.

Training for Ethics and Responsible Conduct of Research

Trainees (e.g. post doctoral trainees and fellows and graduate and undergraduate students) involved in research may be required to fulfill Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training requirements.

Click here for Ethics and RCR training programs.

Click here for information regarding e-learning courses including The Lab: Avoiding Research Misconduct and Research Clinic developed by the Office of Research Integrity (ORI), and courses developed by the Office of Research Compliance.

Research misconduct

Research misconduct is defined as “fabrication, falsification or plagiarism in proposing, performing or reviewing research or in reporting research results.” It does not include honest error or differences in opinion. All employees must promptly report any observed, suspected or apparent misconduct in research to the Research Integrity Officer, any institutional officer, or the Office of Research Compliance.

Contact Information

Bettie M. Steinberg, PhD
Research Integrity Officer (RIO)
Phone: (516) 562-1159

Office of Research Compliance
Phone: (516) 266-5024

Web-based compliance reporting:

Our institution maintains an active assurance of compliance with the ORI. Please see the ORI website for more information and resources on research integrity.

Conflicts of interest in research

Conflicts of interests (COIs) or the appearance of conflicts may arise in connection with research activities and as a result of an individual’s involvement with external entities. Identification and disclosure of significant financial interests, and resolution or management of COIs is required to promote objectivity and alleviate the potential for real or perceived bias in research.

Click here to access the Office of Research Compliance’s page on COI requirements in research.


For more information please see related policies on the Intranet under Research Policies: