Nursing Core

The Feinstein Institute Nursing Core provides research clinical nursing solutions aimed at successfully implementing clinical studies and supporting research participants.

The Nursing Core, which replaced the Clinical Research Service (CRS), provides clinical research nursing services at a base rate to investigators as well as fee-based services. Studies that require staff to work beyond normal workday hours will be billed at appropriate overtime hourly compensation rate. The Core can also provide prearranged coverage on weekends, evenings and out-of-state study visits as required, as well as other services not listed here. Please contact us to discuss your research-related needs.

Nursing Core services include:

  • Providing direct patient care throughout various stages of treatment on protocol and follow-up.
  • Facilitating the informed consent process and evaluating patient eligibility for participation in a research study with the principal investigator.
  • Using expert nursing judgment to maintain the integrity of the research protocol in accordance with federal regulation and good clinical practice (GCP) guidelines, and ensuring compliant conduct of the trial while maintaining patient safety.
  • Offering emotional and educational support to research subjects and serving as liaison between them and the investigators.

The Nursing Core unit, located at 350 Community Drive in Manhasset, is equipped with:

  • Fully equipped exam rooms
  • An infusion room
  • A medication room with locked medication cabinets and a medication refrigerator that is monitored using the Amega Monitoring system
  • Clean and soiled utility rooms with specimen-processing ability and long term storage use
  • -80 degree freezer monitored using the Amega Monitoring System

All visits include free front lot parking. We can also arrange to have transportation provided if needed. If your study requires the nurse to be off-site, then a four hour minimal fee will be applied regardless of time spent with subject. All visits will be confirmed and if needed, we can assist in study reimbursement via Clinicard.