Molecular Biology Core Facility

The Molecular Biology Core is at the heart of the Feinstein Institute’s rich collaborative program in genetics. Housed on the second floor of the research institute is a state-of-the-art genetics suite where scientists can have access to high throughput genetic mapping technology that includes SNP and microsatellite analysis. Investigators can also carry out gene expression arrays and analysis of methylation differences across the human genome.

The facility offers help to researchers from a variety of other scientific fields who want to add a genetic component to their research, or who wish to examine the patterns of gene expression and regulation in various cells and tissues. The facility makes extensive use of robotic systems that facilitate rapid production of data and allow scientists more time to focus on data analysis. The core also offers consultation on assay development, validation, and configuration of assays for high throughput screening.

Peter Gregersen, MD
Core Lab Director

Annette Lee, PhD
Associate Director