Flow Cytometry Core Facility

The Flow Cytometry Core provides instrument support and daily assistance to users in a variety of flow cytometry-based techniques for both research and clinical applications. These include analysis of cell surface markers, analysis of expression of intracellular proteins and separation of cell suspensions into sub-groups or single cells.

The facility views training as key to a well functioning core with users that have a good grasp of both instrument theory and operation. This goes a long way toward empowering the investigator in the use of flow cytometry as a tool which leads to better, high quality level data with which to appropriate conclusions.

We have two BD FACS ARIA cell sorters using multiple laser lines: Violet, Blue, and Red. These are capable of four-way cell sorting of animal and screened material, and can sort into various plates as well for PCR, or culture.

We also have two BD analyzers, a BD LSR ll with Blue (488nm), Violet (405nm), and Red (630nm), and UV (325 nm), lasers capable of 14 color multicolor analysis. We also have a BD LSR Fortessa with three lasers; Blue (488nm), Red (633nm), Green (532nm), and Violet (405nm). The LSR Fortessa is also fitted with a Fast Flow sheath supply system for longer uninterrupted analysis runs possible with the HTS plate reader, another feature on the Fortessa.

The director of the core facility is available for training and to provide guidance and assistance in developing new protocols for flow cytometric analyses, or to obtain specific protocol information from literature, or for other commonly used standard protocols such as immunophenotying, cell cycle, proliferative index, Cacium Flux, anti-Brdu, and others.

Please contact Chris Colon, Core Director, for further assistance and information.

Faculty Head: Betty Diamond, MD
Core Director: Chris Colon
Senior Sorter Operator: Herb Borrero

Room FI-2317
350 Community Drive
Manhaset, NY 11030

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Thursday: 9 -7 p.m.
Friday: 9 – 5 p.m.

Off-Hours Use:
Any instrument including the cell sorter may be used during off-hours with the approval of the facility director. The requirement is that the user be fully trained and can run without assistance and is able to take care of any instrument needs. Investigators who wish to do after-hours sorting are encouraged to do this and will be trained free of charge. Independent sorters receive a discounted rate. Please see our fee structure for pricing details.