Feinstein Institute Press

The Feinstein Institute Press, in cooperation with BioMed Central, part of Springer Nature, disseminates scientific knowledge through the publication of two open access, international, peer-reviewed journals:
Molecular Medicine and Bioelectronic Medicine.

Molecular Medicine is an open access journal publishing recent findings that elucidate disease pathogenesis at the molecular or physiological level, which may lead to the design of specific tools for disease diagnosis, treatment, or prevention. Manuscripts containing material relevant to the genetic, molecular, or cellular basis of key physiologic or disease processes are considered for publication.  Average speed from submission to first decision is 16 days. Average speed from acceptance to publication is 20 days. Citation impact: 2-year Impact Factor – 3.457, 5-year Impact Factor – 4.304.

Bioelectronic Medicine is an open access journal focusing on the scientific discipline that brings together molecular medicine, bioengineering, and neuroscience to discover and develop nerve stimulating and sensing technologies to diagnose and regulate biological processes and treat disease. The editorial office is working closely with relevant indexing services including PudMed Central and Web of Science to ensure articles will be available in their databases when appropriate.


The editorial office is responsible for scientific oversight and peer-review management for both journals.


Molecular Medicine celebrates excellence in molecular and translational medicine through the awarding of two prizes: The annual Ross Prize in Molecular Medicine and the semi-annual Anthony Cerami Award in Translational Medicine. The awards honor researchers at different stages in their careers who have made outstanding contributions to the fields of molecular medicine.