General Research Safety

Safety Training Requirements Policy

Individuals performing work within 350 Community Drive need to be trained about the hazards and safe work practices to make informed decisions in relation to their safety. Documentation of completed training needs to be maintained to meet federal and state regulations as well as institutional policies. Annual site safety refresher training is completed through iLearn. Instructions on self-enrollment into the iLearn courses can be found here. The EH&S office currently holds safety training for new hires and new visiting scientists/scholars on Tuesday mornings from 10am-12pm. Seating is limited, enrollment is required through iLearn.
This policy applies to all members of The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research workforce including, but not limited to, employees, business associates, volunteers, students, office staff, and other persons performing work for or at the Feinstein Institute. All staff at the Feinstein Institute are expected to follow certain procedures to ensure their safety and the safety of the people around them.

Freezer Failure SOP

To provide clear instructions on procedures to be followed in the event of -80ºC or -20ºC freezer failure located within the Feinstein Institute research facilities and of the appropriate actions to be taken to transfer samples to backup freezers in a timely manner.

Defrosting Refrigerator/Freezers

The standard operating procedure to defrost a refrigerator/freezer should be followed to avoid contamination, illness or injury.

Fire Code Designations

These code cards are located at each stairwell and throughout the building. Please print a copy out and place it wherever you are stationed.