Scientific Leadership Mentor Program

The main objective of the Scientific Leadership Mentor Program is to build the baseline knowledge and skills for outstanding scientific future leaders of the Feinstein Institute and cultivate their research careers.

The three main goals of the Mentor program are as follows:

  • To provide a research counterpart to High Potential team members in other Northwell Health entities
  • To drive retention of outstanding scientific future leaders in research
  • To enhance accelerated knowledge of approaches to cutting edge translational science and grantsmanship

The phases of the pilot program

Initial Phase (Year 1)
Identify junior investigators and their mentors for a 2-3 year commitment, and the drafting of mentor/mentee projected milestones and needs. Nurturing of high-quality research development and proposals to be determined by mentor and mentee which includes:

  • Developing potentially high-impact cutting-edge research
  • Maintaining focus while staying open to new leads
  • Preparing and submitting a competitive grant application as appropriate
  • Processing skills in grant budget management, through award of an internal grant from the Feinstein Institute

The research lifestyle of the program is to cultivate productive work habits and a balance between career and lifestyle by doing the following:

  • Presentation and publication of research
  • Securing intellectual property of research findings
  • Peer input and emphasis on collaboration
  • Mentor input, especially with regard to time management

Intermediate Phase (Years 2- 3)
Follow-through on the research and grant submission process, including revision and re-submission, as well as mid-point reporting on outcomes.

Final Phase
Identify the initial investigator for the program which is normally one per year; identify whom the appropriate mentor is; and scheduling of appropriate sessions of interest and relevancy.

  • Present at Board Meetings, as appropriate
  • Meet with Feinstein President semi-annually
  • Meet with Health System Leadership, as appropriate