Research Information Systems

The department of Research Information Systems (RIS) was formed in early 2014 with the goal to augment the work of our research community within the Northwell Health enterprise. The RIS provides necessary technical tools, services and support needed in a research environment. Our main focus is in four areas:

  1. Clinical Research Informatics
  2. IT Security and Compliance
  3. Research Data Analytics

Clinical Research Informatics

Clinical Research Informatics provides Electronic Data Capture (EDC) applications such as REDCap, HIPAA-compliant Survey Monkey, HIPAA-compliant Sharepoint, and other tools to help investigators capture sensitive study data in a secure and compliant way. We have successfully implemented device data integration in REDCap and also provide free in-class training to our researchers on building databases.

NOTE: When collecting data for the purposes of human subjects research in any EDC application, review and approval of the project is required by the Institutional Review Board.

EDC Tools available for investigators and study teams:

Click here for informational chart on EDC features.

REDCap: REDCap is a secure web application for building and managing
databases and online surveys.

BUDDY (Biostatistics Unit Database Designed for You): A custom database
designed specifically for your project by the Biostatistics Unit at the Feinstein.

HIPAA-compliant SurveyMonkey: Create and manage online surveys that
enable you to collect Protected Health Information (PHI).

HIPAA-Compliant Sharepoint: A secure, HIPAA-compliant shared team
site for storing study documents (including PHI).

Non-standard software available for investigators and study teams:

SAS: Statistical analysis software. Contact the Biostatistics Unit for information & access.

Endnote Web: Online tool for managing research. Contact for information & access.

GoAnywhere sFTP: Securely transfer files, including ePHI. Contact for information & access.

IT Security and Compliance

IT Security and Compliance focuses on IT security, compliance and non-standard hardware & software needed in the research space. We have a centralized process for vetting systems and provide guidance and support related to IT infrastructure needs. We provide tools and applications ideal for data capture, data storage and data sharing needs.

Tools for secure data storage and transfer:

  • Secure ePHI drives
  • Encryption of external hard drives and USB drives
  • GoAnywhere: secure FTP for data sharing/transmission

Click here for more information on IT Security and Compliance.

Click here for Northwell Health Information Services Policies and Procedures.  Note: this is a Healthport page. If you are off site, you must be signed into Remote Access to access this page.

Research Data Analytics

Research Data Analytics leverages existing clinical data for analytics and reporting. Large databases from medical records hold great promise for medical research. Using Reporting Services we also provide variety of ad hoc and standard reports to our researches and administration.

To contact the Research Information Systems department, please email