Administrative Information

Facilities & Administrative Cost Rates

As part of being compliant with the costing principles laid out in the federal circulars that apply to non-profit organizations, Northwell Health has entered into a negotiated rate agreement for facilities and administrative costs. This agreement governs the amount of overhead (also known as indirect costs or facilities and administrative costs) that are considered part of the true costs of a sponsored program.

The current F&A rates for Northwell Health are for the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, Long Island Jewish Medical Center, North Shore University Hospital, Northwell Health Care Inc., Staten Island University Hospital, Lenox Hill Hospital, and Northwell Health.

Duration Type of grant Location MTDC*
1/1/2016 – 12/31/2017 Research On-Site 67.50%
1/1/2016 – 12/31/2017 Research Off-Site 21.50%
1/1/2016 – 12/31/2017 Other Sponsored Programs On-Site 21.00%
1/1/2016 – 12/31/2017 Other Sponsored Programs Off-Site 16.00%
*MTDC = Modified Total Direct Costs

Industry-Initiated Clinical Trials may receive a reduced rate of 36% in certain cases.

Please check with the Clinical Trials Office.

Fringe Benefit Rate

The current Fringe Benefit rate for all employees of Northwell Health is 31%.

Assurances and Numbers

Assurances Numbers
Human Subjects FWA00002505
Animal Welfare A-3168-01
AAALAC Accreditation 000751

Feinstein Institute for Medical Research

Class Codes
Organizational Component Code 30
Congressional District NY-003
Entity ID# 1-112673595A1
Cage Code 3D9G5
DUNS No. 110565913
Tax ID# 11-2673595
IPF No. 4155008


Entity Name Employer ID DUNS # Charities Reg. #
Northwell Health Health Care, Inc. 11-2965586 807920368 04-53-81
Northwell Health Laboratories, Inc. 11-3412370 16-86-90
Northwell Health Research Institute 11-2673595 110565913 03-52-38
Northwell Health Foundation 11-2965575 04-53-96
North Shore University Hospital (incl. Syosset) 11-1562701 072364490 10-51-51
Forest Hills Hospital 11-2163522 14-19-58
Franklin Hospital 11-2296824 11-62-04
Glen Cove Hospital 11-1633487 10-69-73
Plainview Hospital 11-3241243 16-75-44
North Shore University Hospital Stern Family Center for Extended Care & Rehab. 23-7007485 16-12-58
LIJ Medical Center (incl. Zucker and Schneider) 11-2241326  064727027 10-78-95
Southside Hospital 11-1667761  068009935 10-88-63

Officials & Addresses

Administrative/Business official to be notified if award is made:
Tel: (516) 465-2776
Fax: (516) 465-2696

Fiscal Officer:
Angelica Gomez
Director, Finance Grants Management Office
Northwell Health
125 Community Drive
Great Neck, NY 11021
Tel: (516) 465-2651

Person authorized to sign proposals and certifications and to accept awards for the Institution (Institutional Official):
Tel: (516) 562-3106
Fax: (516) 562-3107

Diane M. Marbury, CRA
Director, Pre Award, Grants Management Office
Northwell Health
125 Community Drive
Great Neck, NY 11021
Tel: (516) 465-2664