Forms and Templates

COI Disclosure

All proposals that include a research component must provide disclosures of potential conflicts of interest for all personnel involved in design, conduct or reporting of the research.  For more information, please visit

Time & Effort

Personnel with effort on sponsored programs, regardless of purpose or sponsor, are required to fill out time and effort forms and submit them quarterly in order to meet the federal reporting requirements for charging time and effort to sponsored programs. The form will be emailed to you quarterly in time for review and corrections. If you do not receive the form or are newly committing time and effort to a sponsored program, a blank form is available here.

Time and Effort Reporting Form

Position Data Change

If your salary is incorrectly allocated across one or more sponsored programs, or if you need to make a change in your salary allocation, you will need to submit a Position Data Change form to Site HR. The following link will take you to the HR. You may click here to approve the request to be processed by Corporate HR Processing.

Agreement Templates

The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research is a member of the Federal Demonstration Partnership and will accept their template forms. When FDP forms are not an option, included here are sample agreement templates with basic terms and conditions that the Northwell Health will generally accept.