GMO Resources

Northwell Health offers a wide variety of services and resources to help with proposal development and submission. Collected here is access to funding opportunity databases, basic institutional information, standard reports and publications, forms and templates needed at different stages of the process, and a section describing the unique needs and requirements around clinical trials.

Many applications for external funding require standard information about the institution applying. If you find that your application requires information that is not available here, please contact the Grants Management Office for help.

Funding Opportunity Databases
Institutional Information
Reports and Publications
Forms & Templates

Grants Management System (GMS) Training Guides

The GMS is Northwell’s system of record for applying and managing externally funded projects.  Below are links to helpful user guides that will aid in navigating and utilizing the GMS.  For additional help, please contact the Grants Management Office.

GMS Funding Proposal Guide for Single Projects

GMS SF424 Creation Guide

GMS Primary Budget Guide

GMS Subaward Budget Guide

GMS Cost Share Budget Guide

GMS Department Review Change Request Guide

GMS Department Review Response Guide

GMS Department Review Submission Guide

GMS Final Approval Guide

GMS Ancillary Review Set-up Guide

GMS Ancillary Review Submission Guide

GMS Award Setup Guide

GMS Award Modification Guide

GMS Setting Up a Multi-Project Proposal

GMS Resubmission, Revision, and Renewal Guide

GMS Finding Post-Award Documentation Guide

GMS Continuation Funding Proposal Guide

GMS Award and Award Modification Workflow

GMS Just In Time Response Guide

GMS Proposal and Budget Navigation Guide

GMS Site Navigation Guide