Arun Swaminath, MD

Director, Inflammatory Bowel Disease Program, Division of Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition, Northwell Health

Associate Professor of Medicine, Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell

Phone: (212) 434-6785

About the Investigator

Dr. Swaminath serves as the director of the Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Program at Lenox Hill Hospital. He is a practicing gastroenterologist with a clinical practice focused on treating patients with Crohn’s and colitis, a major contributor to the gastroenterology fellowship training program at Lenox Hill Hospital, and with an appointment as an Associate Professor in the School of Medicine at Hofstra University.

In addition to authoring numerous original clinical, translational, and review articles, Dr. Swaminath is a sought after speaker in the field of inflammatory bowel diseases. He has served as a NYC Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation Chapter Medical Advisory Committee chair and currently participates as a member of the national scientific advisory Professional Education Committee. He has been featured on television news, and numerous print and online media. He is a sought after speaker for Grand Rounds, patient societies, and teaching conferences.

Dr. Swaminath has a thriving multidisiplinary research program, involing both Phase III clinical trials to offer current edge biological therapy for patients with IBD unresponsive to standard therapy as well investigator initiated clinical projects in collaboration with the major medical centers in NYC.

Research Focus

Dr. Swaminath’s areas of interest include, diet in IBD, determining cause of death in IBD patients using the city and state department of health database, studying the best  treatments for IBD complicated by clostridium difficile, and management of iatrogenic injury in colitis patients. He has successfully served as a mentor to medical students, residents, MPH program graduates, and GI fellows with a strong track record of publication.


Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Degree: Fellowship
Field of Study: IBD Research

University of California, San Diego
Degree: Fellowship
Field of Study: Gastroenterology

University of California, San Diego
Degree: Residency
Field of Study: Chief Medical Resident

University of California, San Diego
Degree: Residency
Field of Study: Medicine

University of California, San Diego
Degree: MD

Lab Members

Laura Durbin, MPH
Senior Research Coordinator

Isabel Roitman, NP

Honors and Awards

2013 Mentor at AGA Investing in the Future-Clinical Research in IBD, DDW
2012 Co-Chair: NY CCFA Chapter Medical Advisory Committee (ongonig)
2011 Columbia Summer Research Institute: Comparative Effectiveness Research Scholarship
2010 Ellen Scherl International Scholar Award
2006 ASGE Workshop on Achieving Academic Success, Washington D.C.
2006 Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America: IBD Fellowship, Mt. Sinai, NY
2006 Collaborations in IBD: A fellows mentoring program. Chandler, AZ
2005 AGA 11th Annual Methodologies in Healthcare Outcomes in Gastroenterology

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