The faculty members of the Elmezzi Graduate School are drawn from investigators at the Feinstein Institute. They are nationally and internationally recognized for their translational and patient-oriented research focused on preventing human disease and improving human health.

Most faculty also hold appointments in one or more of the clinical departments within Northwell Health and the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell. Research interests of the faculty include: bioelectronic medicine (using the nervous system to treat peripheral physiologic disorders); mechanisms of pathogenesis in autoimmune diseases, cytokine biology and inflammatory cascades in sepsis; immunology of both solid and lymphoid tumors; pathobiology of breast, ovarian and brain cancer; Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders; psychopharmacology; Schizophrenia; Alzheimer’s disease; and the genetics of multiple disorders and diseases.

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Name Title Degree Email Research Focus
Al-Abed, Yousef Professor PhD yalabed@northwell.edu Organic chemistry, drug development; bioelectronic medicine
Barnes, Betsy Professor PhD bbarnes1@northwell.edu Autoimmune disease, breast cancer
Blanc, Lionel Associate Professor PhD lblanc@northwell.edu Hematopoiesis, Sickle cell anemia
Bloom, Ona Associate Professor PhD obloom@northwell.edu Spinal cord injury
Bonagura, Vincent Professor MD vbonagura@northwell.edu Allergy, immunology, immunodeficiency
Bouton, Chad Professor cbouton@northwell.edu Bioelectronic medicine
Professor PhD

Sepsis, mechanisms by which neurons control inflammation

Chiorazzi, Nicholas Professor MD nchizzi@northwell.edu Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
Cornblatt, Barbara Professor PhD bcornblatt@northwell.edu Early identification and treatment of individuals at risk for psychiatric disease
Davidson, Anne Professor MBBS adavidson1@northwell.edu Autoimmune disease, lupus nephritis
Davies, Peter Professor PhD pdavies@northwell.edu Alzheimer’s disease & memory disorders
Diamond, Betty Professor MD bdiamond@northwell.edu Autoimmune disease, lupus, neuropsychiatric lupus, autism
Datta-Chaudhuri, Timir Assistant Professor PhD tdatta@northwell.edu Bioelectronic medicine
Eidelberg, David Professor MD deidelbe@northwell.edu Parkinson’s disease, movement disorders
Grande, Daniel Associate Professor PhD dgrande@northwell.edu Cartilage and tendon repair, 3-D printing
Gregersen, Peter Professor MD pgregers@northwell.edu Genetics of autoimmune disease, genetics of immune responses
Huerta, Patricio Associate Professor PhD phuerta@northwell.edu Neural immune networks and cognitive behavior
Kane, John Professor MD jkane@northwell.edu Psychiatric neuroscience and intervention research
Lee, Annette Associate Professor PhD alee@northwell.edu Genetics and biomarkers of breast and ovarian cancer
Lesser, Martin Professor PhD mlesser@northwell.edu Biostatistics
Lipton, Jeffrey Professor PhD
jlipton@northwell.edu Genetics and pathophysiology of Diamond Blackfan anemia
Liu, Johnson Associate Professor MD jliu3@northwell.edu Molecular basis of hematopoietic stem cell disorders
Mackay, Meggan Professor MS, MD mmackay@northwell.edu Autoimmune diseases, systemic lupus erythematosus
Malhotra, Anil Professor MD amalhotra@northwell.edu Biological basis of schizophrenia
Marambaud, Philippe Associate Professor PhD pmaramba@northwell.edu Alzheimer’s disease, Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT)
McGinn, Thomas Professor MD, MPH tmcginn@northwell.edu Evidence-based medicine; outcomes research
Metz, Christine  Professor PhD cmetz@northwell.edu Inflammation in pregnancy; acute kidney injury
Pavlov, Valentin Professor PhD vpavlov@northwell.edu Regulation of inflammation by the nervous system
Robinson, Delbert Associate Professor PhD drobinso@northwell.edu Schizophrenia, first episode and relapse
Roth, Jesse Professor MD jroth2@northwell.edu Diabetes and metabolic disease
Ruggieri, Maria Associate Professor PhD mruggier@northwell.edu Brain tumors (glioblastoma and medulloblastoma), resistance to radiotherapy
Santiago-Schwarz, Frances Professor PhD fsantiago1@northwell.edu Autoimmune disease, dendritic cells
Sherry, Barbara Professor PhD bsherry@northwell.edu Regulation of chemokine and chemokine receptor signaling in in sepsis and chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Singhal, Pravin C. Professor MD psinghal@northwell.edu Acute and chronic kidney disease, HIV-associated nephropathy (HIVAN)
Steinberg, Bettie Professor PhD bsteinbe@northwell.edu Human papilloma virus, recurrent respiratory papillomatosis (RRP)
Symons, Marc Professor PhD


Brain tumors, tumor cell invasion and survival
Tracey, Kevin Professor MD traceyk@northwell.edu Mechanisms by which neurons control the immune system; bioelectronic medicine
Volpe, Bruce Professor MD bvolpe1@northwell.edu Stroke recovery and rehabilitation
Wang, Haichao Professor PhD hwang@northwell.edu Identification of novel therapeutic targets for treating inflammation
Wang, Ping Professor MD pwang@northwell.edu Prevention of sepsis progression, organ injury and septic shock
Yang, Weng Lang  Professor PhD wlyang@northwell.edu Cellular responses to injury and developing therapeutic agents for preventing/ treating organ failure
Zanos, Theodoros Assistant Professor PhD tzanos@northwell.edu Bioelectronic medicine