Council on Governmental Relations

The Council on Governmental Relations was established in May 1948 when the Central Association of College and University Business Officers formed a committee to represent the five regional associations of college and university business officers. Today, COGR addresses the unique issues its 150 member universities face as a result of receiving a significant share of the federal funds provided by research contracts and grants. COGR serves these needs by addressing compliance issues associated with the administration of federally sponsored programs for faculty and graduate students.

COGR’s activities reflect an awareness of the growing interface between federal and private sector funding. A major goal of COGR is the education of federal funding agencies about academic operations and the avoidance of unnecessary regulatory burdens. COGR represents universities collectively, not individually. The positions it takes reflect a consensus of its membership and are believed to be in the general best interest of the research university community.

Active COGR members from the Feinstein Institute include our Chief Scientific Officer, Bettie Steinberg, PhD.